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KillerApps focuses on developing three kinds of web-based and mobile platform software applications for established enterprises, startups and non-profit organizations: Social Network applications, eCommerce Platforms and Portals and Operational Management Solutions.

Data-driven mobile applications and platforms that enterprises, start ups and non profit organizations use to capture, aggregate and analyze user trends and data. This data can be used by the software application’s users to make decisions. Or, the owners of the software application can find ways to monetize the data collected through advertising opportunities. Examples include social media applications.
Software applications that enterprises and start ups use as e-commerce platforms to communicate, market and sell products to their customers. These platforms also enable fulfillment as well as payment collection for the software application’s owner. Examples include custom product billing systems as well as customer and client portals.
Software applications that address a specific operational need within an enterprise or organization. These applications are meant to automate manual processes, optimize user efficiency and maximize data integrity for our client’s employees. Examples include custom Enterprise Resource Planning systems, Time and Expense systems, Learning and Compliance Platforms and Vendor Portals.